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The iPhone 13 mini is the smaller version of the iPhone 13. It features a smaller body and is equipped with the same technology as its bigger brother iPhone. But unlike the iPhone it is not available in the usual black color, but comes in a variety of colors. In this mini iPhone 13 mini Review we will take a detailed look at some of the features and options that are available on the iPhone mini and what it can do for you.

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As compared to the last year’s iPhone, the mini has increased in thickness by about twenty-four percent. This increase in thickness makes the device easier to hold but it also makes it heavier and bulkier than the previous models. At the same time, the increase in size increases the number of pixels, the main camera as well as the proximity sensor. This leads to better quality images but it also leads to the reduced battery life of the iPhone.

Face ID technology was first introduced on the iPhone 4 and now is being integrated into the mini version. For the first time, the Apple iPhone mini includes a built-in proximity sensor that recognizes your face and automatically recognizes you when you make an effort to tap the home button on the home button. The face id sensor does not need any additional external hardware to work. However, the mini has a much smaller screen and even the OLE fingerprint sensor does not work as effectively as on the iPhone.

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iphone13-mini-650x228 Phone Review  The interface on the iPhone mini has been slightly modified to provide more fluid and smoother navigation. One notable change is the introduction of widgets in the notification center. Widgets are small programs that replace the normal application icons on the screen. These widgets can include weather widgets, calculator widgets, and even games. The introduction of widgets into the iPhone mini has been an attempt by Apple to provide a solution for the many problems faced by the current crop of iPhones users regarding performance and usability.

There are some minor changes in the design of the iPhone mini from the iPhone 5 iii and the iPhone 6 series. The home button has been relocated to a lower location on the home screen and the overall look and feel of the phone has got slightly cluttered as a result. However, the iPhone mini offers a good amount of functionality and still manages to retain its simple and elegant design. The Oled screen technology that was introduced with the iPhone 5 iii has also been present on the iPhone mini but it is not as effective as the Oled screen found on the iPhone 5 series. The fingerprint scanner found on the home button on the iPhone 5 iii was upgraded to a higher capacity and works much faster, however, the fingerprint scanning process of the iPhone mini is a bit slow as compared to the iPhone 5’s.

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