Tesla Model Y Review, Overview **2022 Price

Tesla Model Y Review – Overview

Tesla Model Y Review, Teslarati has taken the wraps off its new entry-level model called the Teslarati Y model. The production vehicle is expected to enter the market by the end of 2022. This model is all set to perform like a super sports car and go head to head with the likes of BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Audi. The production vehicle has received great reviews in the automobile market already and is expected to do the same in the high-performance car segment. According to some reports, the vehicle is going to have similar architecture as the Gran Turismo S model from Ferrari. However, this model will feature a different set of body styling.

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WHAT’S NEW? -The biggest announcement made about this model is that it will be able to support the new Smart Tech Key Safety System (STSS) in the future. As per the latest reports, the model is equipped with standard onboard sensors which will help in detecting any crash and can also help in quick acceleration. The new system is said to be based on the HUD interface technology which is used in the Mercedes and BMW products.

Tesla Model Y, Rounding up the attributes, the tesla model Y is expected to have a full-time hands-free driving facility, thanks to the new dual-zone airbag. It is also featured with front and rear seat side curtain airbags as well as rear-seat side curtain options. Other features include superior crash protection with anti-skid grooves on all vehicles including the SUV. Moreover, the model is said to have excellent crash support with front-side curtains as well as side curtain airbags. Apart from that, the car is also featured with superior cargo space capacity – the third row for example which will allow the driver to easily locate and access the cargo in the trunk.

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